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Hi I'm Cindi

An eating disorder and body image therapist. I consider myself an advocate for the anti-diet movement.

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I was raised in Decatur, Indiana and moved to North Carolina in the Fall of 2008 to play collegiate volleyball at UNC Asheville where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Upon graduation, I immediately began working as a Division 1 college volleyball coach at Winthrop University and at East Carolina University for the next five years. then I returned to school to obtain my Master’s in Clinical Counseling with a focus in addictions at East Carolina University. I have a passion for working with athletes and those involved in other competitive atmospheres because sports is a great outlet and avenue for learning about oneself and how to work with others.

In my years of coaching, I began to notice that these struggles tended to include body image concerns, disordered
eating, and low self-esteem. Athletes often ignore or avoid talking about it for  fear of appearing “weak” or “incapable”. 


As a coach, I recognized the importance of athletes having a mentor and guidance through these challenging times and seeking out therapy when necessary. I now work as an eating disorder and body image therapist and consider myself an advocate for the anti-diet movement. I also coach club volleyball and love watching sporting events whenever possible. I love traveling to visit friends and see new things and try new foods. I am a new cat mom to two boys, Ozzie and Ollie. 

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