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hi. I'm Cindi 

And I've created this space to challenge the status quo - how it's always been done - with sports, food, and mental health. Thanks for joining me!

Let's change the status quo

It's time to reduce the stigma.  All people deserve access to mental health education and services, if needed. And that needs to be as welcomed as going to the doctor for an ankle injury. 


Sports are my first love. My entire childhood consisted of competitive activities and backyard pick-up games. Those games led me to play volleyball at a D1 level. After graduating,  I became a coach for other Division 1 athletes.  I have learned so many lessons through sports - lessons I hope to share with you. Sports are an avenue for learning life skills behind the time spent on the court or field no matter what level you're at.


Diets don’t work. Period. Learning about the Health at Every Size movement throughout my work in eating disorders has opened my eyes to the detriment of diet culture and societal views on the “perfect body”. I want to challenge society's core beliefs around dieting and body image. Learning to allow our bodies to lead us in eating nutritious, delicious food, is nothing short of empowerment.

Cindi Headshot.png

Everyone has a need to nurture their mental health. Stigmas such as "weakness" or "inability to overcome hard times" blocks our desire to reach out when we are struggling. Mental health does not equal mental health disorders or diagnoses. Everyone can benefit from learning coping skills, mindfulness, and communication skills with the important people in their lives.

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